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March is almost about to end and here I am, wondering where did time go. Time is literally flying and often there are days when I feel 24 hours is not enough. Phewwwww Life had gone for a spin ever since daylight saving started and I felt I was constantly sleep deprived, but on a more positive note I have much more time in the evening for running (I don’t like running when it’s dark and find it really difficult to wake up early in the morning) I am still working on my fitness regime and schedules and will share with y’all soon. So hang on tight.

Last couple of weekends all I remember doing is either having a crazy shoot schedule or binge watch movies. So this weekend we decided to take a break from all of these shenanigans and go for a long romantic drive towards the Florida Keys. My love for road trips are undying and the whole idea somehow gears me up. I put together a mini lunch basket, loaded my storage device with some peppy Punjabi songs and viola we were all set to go. Ok that sounds like it took me what 15 mins or so but I was actually ready to hit the road in no less than two hours. LOL We had such a blast. The weather was perfect and the company even better. We stopped by later for a relaxed early dinner at a beautiful restaurant with the most amazing view, live music and scrumptious food. The day was definitely made up of dreams. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are geared up for the most productive week ahead. At least I’d like to think I am.


Now moving on to the outfit, I was a little skeptical about these pants and if they gonna look good (Perks of being petite) but surprisingly I loved the way it absolutely stood out giving some retro vibes. I kept everything else subtle and let these dual tone high slit pants do all the talking. The only bold accessory that I added was my Gucci belt. I would love to hear your thoughts on this outfit. See you soon. Until then…



12 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes

  1. As usual, you look beautiful and all your outfits are always on point. I can relate to you, sometimes, when I am tired, I usually take the car and go for a long ride and lost myself in nature.

  2. I wish I could pull off this outfit! You look stunning! Road trips are my favorite! I def need to set some time away and go for one soon. They are so soothing to me!

  3. Road trips are the best. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Speaking of amazing …so is your outfit. At first I thought you were wearing a skirt. These pants with the slit is so cool. Your styling is perfection as always. You nailed this look by pairing the pants with your killer booties.


  4. As I said in your Instagram post as well babe, You are #blackootdgoals 😉 SO classy and chic!!!!
    Love the high slit the details of this look. Also, I so like your pictures. I always have a hard time make the **serious blogger face** in my pictures. How do you pose so well, would love to get tips on that. I am always like 32 out haha! 😀

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