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A few days ago, I posted an old picture of mine and asked if I looked cute or not with those chubby cheeks and all  (You can check the picture in the highlight section of my Instagram @panache_mania) and although a lot of you said Duhhhh, a few of you did say Ewwww 🙁 Frankly speaking this was a topic on my mind since the longest time. Still thinking what was I waiting for?? OK let’s start from the beginning of my journey. To have a blog of my own was a dream come true and God knows my struggles for bringing it to life. But once I was neck deep in the world of Instagram, every time I saw the perfect pictures(At least that’s what I thought back then), it would make my stomach cringe. I felt, I was no fit amongst them. They had the perfect Instagram body(whatever that meant), perfect Instagram pictures and a perfect Instagram feed. So I did what a normal vulnerable girl in my place would do. I started hating myself. Yes, you heard that right. I fell prey to this perfect Instagram body image. To make matters worse, acquaintances would very casually let me know how fat and ugly I looked (I know I have sung this saga a million times) There were days when you could see me melting down at odd hours of the day which I am absolutely not proud of.

And then there was that moment of enlightenment, when I realized sitting back and crying was not a solution. If I wanted to change things I was unhappy about, I had to do something. Long story short, after almost a year of hard work, self control and all that sweat, I started seeing a considerable difference in myself BUT the difference was more in respect of how I felt rather than how I looked. I felt way more energetic, enthusiastic and calm. We definitely are so much more than our physical appearances, and drowning in depression or loosing self esteem and judging our entire existence on the basis of wisely curated 3X3 grids of perfection is clearly not justified. Accept yourself with all the flaws and shortcomings because hey life isn’t perfect and so are you. Remember you are beautiful no matter what. Just be the best version of yourself. Stay fit for yourself and not just because someone doesn’t likes the way you look on social media or even otherwise. It was a lesson I learned the hard way.

And here is a little advice to all those people who are obsessing over a certain body type “Feel free to work your butt off and have that perfect body of your dreams but please do not bully people for the way they look. You do not know you might be scarring their hearts” Inspire them and do something for them if you really care, instead of just sitting back and giving free piece of advise. And that’s true for any kind of bullying. Be kind and compassionate and spread positivity around. Your words are like strong weapon, use it wisely. It might make or break someones day. Make sure to fall in the former category. Love conquers all.

I would love to hear your take on body image and what you think about it.


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20 thoughts on “Body Image in the Era of Social Media

  1. I definitely agree that you should love yourself first and foremost and not form an opinion of yourself based on what someone on social media says. But I do have to say that I am actually a little confused by your post because it sounds like you did go to the gym after someone commented negatively on your picture. So you still conformed to the body image of Instagram. I definitely think that being in a reasonable physical shape to be able to go for a walk or a hike is necessary but obsessing over every crumb that we put into our bodies is completely unnecessary.

    1. Thanks so much for your honest opinion and yes, I definitely was confused back then because I listened to others, a major reason for writing this post. I do not want that anyone else today should listen to what others think about them. I want them to form an opinion about self and focus on creating a better version of their own.

  2. Love your advice line. People’s bodies are their bodies and we’ve no right to say anything bad about them. Body image is a hard thing with all the images being thrown at us. But being comfortable and loving our skin is so important.

  3. This is such an important message. I don’t know why people feel the need to bully others on social media but we have to remember that their opinion doesn’t matter and half the time they just say something to feel like they’re in a position of power. We have to learn to accept ourselves the way we are – or change to fit our own wants, not someone else’s.

  4. This post breaks my heart and yet so familiar as i too have suffered this. I stress by thinking I have to have the “perfect” pictures just like you and thought I could not do it, just like you did. Also, along with you… fought through and did what makes me happy! I am so proud of you for holding your chin up and doing what it is you love!! There are days where I am sure its still not easy but I admire you for pushing through!! You look amazing but I can tell the inside is even more gorgeous!!

  5. I think the people who voted “ew” are terrible. We have to remember there’s a lot of hate and negativity online as much as there is positivity. I guess it though. As humans we always see the negative more than anything else. If someone says we’re beautiful we are happy, but when someone says we’re ugly that comment alone can stick to us for days on end. I personally think you’re beautiful now and before. Anyone who tells you otherwise just simply isn’t happy with themselves.

  6. I’ve always said it’s more about how I feel than a number on the scale. I’m not model-body perfect, but I’m in better shape now than before I eve got pregnant so I’m proud of that.

  7. People can be mean, this is why we have to build our children confidence and teach them to love themselves and be confident. I don’t have a perfect model-body and I love myself the way I am.

  8. There will always be people who will comment negative about others, but we just need to focus on the positives. We should be proud at any size and not care about how we look like.

  9. Yes, you make some great point. However, I don’t think people will ever stop bully and making others feels worthless. Each individual has to be comfortable in their own skin and it won’t matter what others think or feel!

  10. I love your message! There is no reason to pick on anyone else for the way you look. I wish the type of people who do that would just put that energy into being a nice person and focusing on improving themselves.

  11. being comfortable in your own body and how you view yourself is the key to happiness! I love that you made a positive change in your life! Be strong and know who you are because there will always be haters who are unhappy with themselves and try to make others feel as low as they do ; )
    You are beautiful!

  12. I think a lot of people have suffered through negative body image in the age of social media. I just had to realize that a lot of people’s photos are photoshopped and angled to look a certain way. I also had to realize that I’m happy the way I am and people relate to me because I’m real and authentic!


  13. This is a great post, I am a blogger so spend a ton of time on social media. It is hard some times to scroll through my Instagram feed and see different comments!!

  14. Nowadays, we keep on listening to what the people on social media say. It’s funny when we listen to them more than how we listen to ourselves. Sad truth

  15. I agree! I have to suffered from my body image. It is important to be confident in your own body image because there will always be people that try to bring you down. This is a very wonderful post!

  16. I love the dress and you look stunning <3 And thanks for sharing always remember to be confident in your own body and dont care about others <333333333333333 Your beautiful

  17. Hey Vyom, I am so sorry to hear about the response you got for your picture. It is sad that we still have this complicated checklist for women to be considered beautiful : thin but curvy, unblemished skin, tall, perfect teeth and the list goes on. I just put up a video on Instagram about what I considered to be true beauty, and I know that it is varied among people. However, the one thing that I think we can all agree about is that “bullying” and “body shaming” is hurtful and has such a negative impact. There should be no place for that. You have some great advice. Stay in your magic babe, and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.


  18. Ignore negative people. It’s great to read that you’re still positive despite of what happened. Your image if not the basis of who you are, it’s in the heart. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


  19. Absolutely loved your post babe! I have been going through similar circumstances and i do have such people in life who constantly comment on my body and the fact i have put on so much weight and blah blah. I have had a lot of medical issues from past few months and i don’t want to talk about it with everyone, but it really breaks my heart to hear such nonsense stuff.
    I am glad you took it out and helped everyone around you who has gone through some similar experiences.
    More power to you <3 Thanks for inspiring 🙂


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