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This week has been such a whirlwind and keeping myself sane is the tuffest job right now. It’s Thursday night or rather I should say Friday morning and I am leaving for NY to attend the NYFW in less than 24hrs. Whooooooot Whooooooot sounds amazing right??? I am super excited but I have a long long list of items to check before I board the flight. Will definitely share my thoughts, views and experiences once I am back. For now I will be keeping the post short and simple. Sharing with y’all three outfit inspos for Valentines day which is not so cliche and can be worn casually.

OUTFIT 1 – I tried to create a comfortable yet chic look with some edgy vibes here. Just added this cute red clutch for a pop of color.


 Linked the exact and some of my favorite dresses and shoes here!

OUTFIT 2 – This outfit is a little more feminine or if I may call so cute with all the bling and the bows.


OUTFIT 3 – This is the most casual, everyday kinda look that you could wear any day, anywhere!!! I am totally obsessed with the tee and that’s the highlight of the otherwise plain outfit.


Let me know which one of these is your favorite dress. See you soon



17 thoughts on “Valentines Day “Not So Cliche” Outfit Inspiration

  1. These are all three great looks, and each so awesome in different ways! I love that dress in outfit #2, but I am more of an everyday wear kind of girl, so would definitely go for the third outfit myself!

  2. Love the three of them, but the second one is a winner for me! How absolutely adorable are lace dresses! I’ve never been a high heel kind of girl so i think I’d try to find flats that are similar to your high heels

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