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So here’s a fun fact about our recent trip to Las Vegas – I did not purchase a single dress for my trip contrary to my shopping addiction because firstly I didn’t have too much time in hand and secondly I was recently cleaning my closet when I saw the amount of clothes that I have piled up is absolutely insane. So for this trip, I thought I would just pick the clothes that I already had, and mix and match them in different ways. So here is a look that I seamlessly transformed from day to night by just swapping some accessories. What’s your idea of switching the look from day to night? I would love to hear it.

Day Look

Night Look

For my night look all I did was swapped my sneakers for these sassy pointed boots and my sunnies for the amazing sequin embellished hat which instantly adds such Parisian vibes. What do you think about this look. Please let me know in the comments below.

See you soon.



19 thoughts on “Classic outfit edit from day to night

  1. Very cute outfit. I like the sparkly top and your little booties, perfect for Vegas. I think the pants might be too hot since I usually go when it’s warm there. But they look great on you. I think a short jean skirt for the bar or cute black shorts?

  2. Wooaa babe are killing it here 🔥 love the little yet super effective change and getting a sexy look with those glam boots ..the top looks so amazing too ..too obsessed with this complete look 💥😍

    1. Thanks a lot Nikki. Couldn’t be happier that you loved it. And I totally feel you. My closet is overflowing too and need to put a check. Have a wonderful day ahead

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