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Let’s start with a short story. Shall we? My love for shoes and how it all began. Many many years ago, I was a young girl at a party and I was so mesmerized by a beautiful woman in a lovely gown. She looked straight out of a fairy tale – gorgeous, beautiful wearing this lovely dress that I couldn’t take my eyes off. Moments later I found myself talking to her and suddenly my eyes went down, they met her shoes and crash – her entire image just shattered right in front of my eyes. It was in that crucial juvenile moment I realized the value of a nice footwear. The shoes she was wearing was old and tattered and unpolished. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against old shoes, all I am saying that they should be presentable and go with the dress.

Later when I started working, my besties were really tall (like 5″ 7′) and I would always loathe myself for being petite and secretly wished I was as tall as them. So one day while we were walking, I finally spluttered of how jealous I was of their height. I was so shocked to hear what they had to say. They said we wish we had your height coz when we wear heels we look like giants. You have the perfect height for wearing heels and they look so pretty on you. This just sent me into a cascade of thoughts. I was like wait a minute, could someone have that issue as well. I had been living under a rock all my life thinking being petite was one of the biggest drawbacks in my life. But eventually turned out to be the foremost reason for my passion for heels. Added advantage – They make me look slim and more confident.

If you are someone like me who is totally obsessed with shoes to the extend that there is no room whatsoever to store more of them you gotta check Amiclubwear. They have the most sassiest collection of shoes at the most affordable price. The prices are so inexpensive that it will blow your mind off. You can thank me later. Here are some of their shoes featured which are absolute gem.


Honestly, I wanted to link every single shoes for you guys but they are sold already and they literally sell like hot cakes. But you an find tons of other options on the Amiclubwear website HERE Let me know which one is your favorite of these. Until next time




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  1. Oh yasssss, as a shoe addict I know what you mean V. Having the right shoes is important because it completes the look. As they say “Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life”, 😉 Love all 3 looks. I think #3 is my fav. I am a fan of the ankle cuff heels and it shows off your gorgeous legs.


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