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How have you all been? Lately I am really trying hard to maintain a balance and trying to be consistent with my blog posts as I ranted in my previous post hereĀ (Just in case, you are interested in the rant) It isn’t hard OR unachievable but I figured, I gotta be more determined and focused. I am trying to stick to a schedule of posting twice a week probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Sounds like a legit blogger. What say? šŸ˜‰ ) Let’s see how it works and since I am making this statement public, I will be held accountable which might help me in sticking to my plan better.

Anyhoooo, today’s post is in collaboration with one of my favorite brands and such a pleasure to work with “Amiclubwear“. I am assuming that you all know by now how obsessed I am with shoes(If not, I just told ya šŸ˜‰ ), you will know how stroked I am to work with them. “Amiclubwear” as the name suggests has the most stunning and incredible party collection of dresses, shoes and so much more. I am sure if you traverse through the site you would start swooning over it too and there is something for everyone. I personally love their shoe collection and my favorite part is they are so affordable. Whooooot Whoooot…..

LOOK 1 This look is more fun and feminine. It just has that right amount of bling and hence can be your bang on party dress OR for a romantic date night. The perfect fitting and the right length makes it a wanna have dress. You wouldn’t miss a compliment while wearing this for sure.

Linked some of my other favorites below!

See you soon. Will be back with a new lookbook next week. Until then,
**This post is sponsored by Amiclubwear**

21 thoughts on “Amiclubwear Lookbook 1

  1. I must have those shoes and the bag as soon as I finish to type my comment. The whole outfit looks beautiful.

  2. Love AMICLUBWEAR for their shoe collection. I like what you picked from their shoe collection. Styled it so well.

  3. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but it sounds great! I wish I would have found something like this when I was in college and going out more often. I love the dress!!

  4. Oh I love the shoes! I haven’t heard of this brand, but I love bling for date night! Good luck finding a schedule that works for you. It’s hard sometimes to create consistent content!

  5. You are rocking the sequined skirt. I think sometimes sequins and glittery things can look too juvenile for my liking, but this whole look is so sophisticated. I love it!!

  6. This outfit is gorgeous! I love how you styled it! That skirt is awesome! I look forward to reading more of your posts

  7. Good luck with blogging twice a week, Iā€™m sure if schedule it you will achieve your goal! Love the sequin skirts and look 1, very elegant.

  8. I really love this outfit! I would like to have that purse. It goes well with the whole outfit and the price is beyond excellent. I was truly surprised at the price.

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