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I am assuming that by now, everyone who knows me is well aware of how obsessed I am with shoes. Every time I go shopping, I am always hooked on to that shoe section of the store and often wish I could take them all home. I asked if you guys wanted to see my shoe collection/organisation and since so many of you said “Yes”, stay tuned. That post is coming up next. For now I have some amazing collection of shoes for you that vary from cute to sassy from the store Shein. Hope you enjoy them(Click on the pictures below to be redirected to the site).

Khakhi laceup heel boots $37.00


Leopard Print Boots $39.00


Black Thigh High Boots $60


Satin Mules $31


Pom Pom slides $32


Black Blush Color Block Heels $34


Striped Bow Mules $32


Winking Espadrilles $32


Cute Lips Lace up Sneakers $37

The last two are so darn cute. Aren’t they? Which one is your personal Favorite. Do let me know and will see you soon.



21 thoughts on “Shoe Obsessed Ft SheIn

    1. Thanks so much love!!! I am glad you liked all the picks. Indeed that thigh high boots is so amazing. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Wow! Those are some serious footwear goals. Some are nice, some are cute. Then there is the ones that you must have, The Satin Mules.

    1. Hey Sandra,
      Thanks so much for the love. I picked them for all taste and undoubtedly the satin ones are my favorite. Have a great day love.

  2. Hi Vyom,

    (sorry about the double posting, I realized that there were typos in my first comment!)

    I really like your tight high boots, as well as the leopard print ones, and the espadrilles.
    Did you get all of them from SheIn? What do you think about this website?
    I ordered from them once, and it was overall ok -especially considering the price!- but the details of the clothes are not always so great. What about the quality of the shoes? And aren’t the heels too high, are they comfortable?
    Besides, I realized that some of their items might be considered as ‘fakes’/’counterfeit’… I realized that one day, as I saw on a magazine an illustration of a shirt that looks exactly like the one I bought from SheIn, and googled it, and realized that the design of the SheIn shirt was almost a copy of this design. Likewise, your espadrilles look very much like those drawn by artist Jason Polan for Saludo..
    I don’t know, I just feel bad about this…

    1. Hey Pauline,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and opening up all the issues. Well I do not own all the shoes, I just made a wish list that I have my eyes upon. Having said that, I have shopped a lot with them and my experience in terms of quality has been a mixed one. The price that I pay for the latest trends, mostly makes me feel good. Sometimes the only concern has been size. Coming to the point of being “fake and counterfeit”, I guess not just this brand but I have seen several other great brands coming up very similar/exact content to the designer ones and they like to call them dupes instead. I totally understand your concern and it’s worth pondering.

      1. Yes you’re right! Last year, Zara was accused of stealing the design of a LA artist.. And Urban Outfitter, H&M etc. all got similar cases at some point..
        Besides, it can be hard to tell between a real counterfeit and a dupe/inspiration.. We all check Pinterest, so obviously, ideas are exchange… The Zara case was super obvious though! Some of SheIn items can be, but just like Zara’s or anyone I guess…
        I just feel very strongly about those issues, as I have several friends who are professional illustrators/designers ^^

    1. I know what you mean girl. Definitely poms poms are not everyone’s choice but the satin ones are definitely my favorite. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I absolutely feel you Brittany. I had the same thoughts before my first purchase but the price at which they provide the latest trends is great. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. I love the designs mainly the mules and bow details. I am looking for good mules but too late to buy now considering the cold. Haha

    1. Thanks Veena, mules have become my latest favorite. I added them considering the fall/winter in Miami but definitely no good for the chilling cold in Canada😉

  4. Love the wishlist you made babe. I am such a fan of your shoes collection. When I saw that you made a shoe wishlist post, I knew I had to read this one. Love every single item that you added in this list, gives me so much inspiration to start my winter shopping 😛


  5. Vyom it’s like you have selected my wishlist and posted it….hahaha 😛 I am loving them all especially the military green ones and the last white kicls are somthing I don’t have in my closet yet, definitely need to get my hands on them. Oh and I have to add whenever I am shopping shoes are always on my list as well..😁

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