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Hola my awesome friends,

Hope you having as amazing weekend as I am or maybe still better!!! Today I wanted to share a super cuteeee girly outfit that I wore for the weekend getaway. It was a short and sweet trip just to say “Hola” to a slice of cuban culture relocated to Miami. It had a glorified backdrop of art with some of its amazing wall murals blended with a pulsating cuban culture. There you could find elderly men playing  the game of “Dominoes” while they discussed their daily affairs and laughed and giggled and danced along the tune of some folk music. It had an omnipresent aroma of the Cuban coffee mixed with some fresh homemade ice-creams that literally stole my heart away. You need to stop and stare and admire the entire blend of this mini Cuba!!!
I am really sorry about the fact that it started raining midway through our trip so couldn’t capture as many pics, but the memory will always be fresh… Enjoy!!! 🙂

Happy girls are the prettiest!!!

Can you resist going to this shop???



Waiting for my coffee!!!

What an amazing piece of art!!!

Can’t wait to have my ice-cream!!!

No pictures please!!!

Top: Rue 21
Skirt: Macy’s
Pumps: Jessica Simpson’s collection from Macy’s
Flats: Charlotte russe
Crossbody: Guess
Earrings: Charming acharlie
Today I wore a beautifully pleated pink skirt with a black embellished top which compliments it perfectly. Somehow a skirt always makes me feel so girly girl at the same time portraying a perfect form of feminism. Paired it with some super comfy tropical printed pumps and a crossbody and i am all set for my expedition in mini Cuba.
Until next time,

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  1. Adorable blog. Looking awesome in the all the pic . In spit of "No pic please" u are looking wonderful in that too. Too good dear vyom. Keep it up & keep writing dear.

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