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Talk about hoarders and I will top the list. Literally I have been a hoarder all my life and being a blogger doesn’t helps either. Last few months, I noticed that it was interfering a lot with my efficiency. Everytime I needed a piece of clothing I was literally all over the place diving into piles of clothes fervently searching for that one item. Mostly it wouldn’t be a happy ending – I would end up not finding it, full of frustration because I wasted so much of my time. Can anyone else relate to this? And it was not just clothes but virtually all my stuffs. So I decided, it was high time I deep cleaned my wardrobe.

Giving you a brief description of my wardrobe – 70% items are on hangers and the rest are piled up on shelves. The ones that are hung are sorted according to colors which were a little easy to sort. I made two piles, first the clothes I wanted to thrash and toss out and the other which were in really good condition, that I could donate. You could also make a third pile if you want to sell your old clothes.  Making a decision weather to keep or not is the hardest. And over time I have really learned to let go of things that are not adding any value (I typically don’t go by the idea that if its not been used for over a year or so, thrash them)


Here were some of the tips that I used to clean my overflowing wardrobe, please let me know if you have any tips for organization. It will be highly appreciated as that would be the next step now. That was all for today, see you soon.





16 thoughts on “A Decluttered Wardrobe

  1. I’m in the process of moving and when I unpack my clothing in the new space-I plan on going through all of it and getting rid of things I no longer wear. I need to do this! I cannot hold on to things any longer!!! lol!

  2. I love everything about that outfit. I could definitely wear it for the shower that I am going this Sunday.

  3. I definitely agree with you! I am just like you and keep hoarding! Recently started to get rid of stuff and it feels better
    Also, that’s true if you have not used it in one last year- you wont use it in future too

  4. I feel like it’s easier to go through items that you don’t use as much anymore and give them to good will. For clothing that you rarely used since you bought it, but still like to see it, consider giving it to a friend or family member. That way you can still borrow it if you want.

  5. Love that skirt! Even though I don’t have a monstrous wardrobe, even I sometimes become frustrated not finding the one thing I want. My only tip for keeping it organized is I hang everything but t-shirts, shorts, and pjs. I categorize them and hang in packs, sort of like the stores do.

  6. Decluttering my wardrobe is the most relaxing thing I can think of. I dont have that many clothes now to get rid of but I remember the feeling. You look stunning in this monochrome outfit and I love the clear heel of the boots!

  7. It is so hard to declutter my wardrobe because I don’t like to let things go. It is about that time to destash though and make room!

  8. I’m loving this outfit on you girl! But yes I totally agree! I clean out my closet at least every 6 months! I give most my things to my sister so if I ever do need to wear it again I can just borrow from her hahaha!!

  9. I definitely need to do this with my daughter. Get her to get rid of a bunch of stuff so that I can work at getting some new things in her room. And it’s good to know what I have that fits her.

  10. I have gotten SO MUCH BETTER about keeping things I don’t need! SO MUCH BETTER! I have to thank my husband. He throws a bunch of shit away when it’s not necessary anymore. I used to keep bills from like 5 years ago even – ha! They’re totally not necessary anymore but for some reason I kept them. THrowing away stuff now is super liberating to me! ha ha!

  11. Love this outfit! I can only imagine how your wardrobe was overflowing with pretty clothes. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I made 3 piles, and it’s helped me to reduce my wardrobe size significantly! However, I still face space issues with other stuff I own, like skincare products and my art supplies. It’s such a headache!


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