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Hi guys!!! Finally its Friday and I couldn’t be any happier. “TGIF” Ever since we came back from cruise, I wanted to write a blog post on it coz a lot of you guys wanted to know more about how we planned our trip, the cruise we took and what to pack when going on a cruise. Seriously if you wanna go for a real vacation where all you wanna do is eat , sleep and repeat and enjoy every moment just relaxing, totally unplugged from the world, Cruise it is. Almost 24 hrs of unlimited buffets for 5 days was truly too good to be true and I gained almost 6 lbs. Just saying – no regrets whatsoever. In case if you want to know anything else about the trip OR if you are planning for one do let me know. I would love to hear about it. I am sharing a few pics from our trips and the rest will be following very soon. Hope you enjoy them and get inspired to book yourself a Caribbean cruise vacation.

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15 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. This is the best part of a cruise, the unlimited food which we always pay the price when we are back to reality. The pics are pretty and I love everything about your outfit.

  2. You caught me at unlimited buffet haha! A cruise sounds lovely, I’ve never been but crossing my fingers that I will this year! Hope you had a lovely time!

  3. Haha yes, I love cruises! I went on a 7 day cruise a few years ago and gained 10 pounds. (I blamed those amazing little fruit tarts that were available 24/7… and the wine!)

  4. You as well as the landscape look gorgeous. It seems like a sunny yet windy day, when you could perfectly enjoy your moments right? I always wish I could have a chance like this, voyaging and relaxing.

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