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Can’t believe 2017 is over already and in almost 5 day we will be in 2018. Well December is my Birthday month and hubby surprised me with a 5 day cruise trip to Mexico. So this birthday was spent on cruise all relaxed and chilled, completely disconnected from the entire world. We did not get the Wi-Fi service(Highly recommended) and it was amazing. Having not to worry about calls or emails for 5 whole days was therapeutic. I did miss calls from my friends and family on my Birthday but except that, it was one of the best trips ever. I will cover more details on our cruise trip in a blog very soon.

The best part of  a cruise trip is the food and getting dressed up for dinners. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks to Romwe fashion for sending me this outfit just in time for my trip. This was the perfect cocktail dress that I wore for Birthday dinner and got tons of compliments for it. Also would you believe it if I said it was for just $17.99. Say whattttt????


 Below are a few of my favorite cocktail dresses from Romwe(All under $19.99)

** Outfit sponsored by Romwe

24 thoughts on “An Evening on Cruise

  1. Oh! You look so gorgeous in your lovely blue dress. Perfect for a cruise party. By the way, Belated Happy Birthday to you!

  2. You look positively stunning in this dress! I can’t believe it was under $18! How amazing that your husband surprised you with this cruise for your birthday!

  3. You look absolutely lovely in that beautiful blue dress. Hope you had a wonderful birthday cruise. Happy belated birthday and happy new year!

  4. Blue looks incredible on you, girl! I have never been on a cruise but this makes it look like its a really good time! Your pictures are gorgeous!

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