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Since Valentine’s day is just round the corner, I have a few outfit inspirations for all of you <3

I strongly believe we do not need any specific day to express our love or gratitude but given the pace of life in today’s world a special day would do no harm. You know what I mean… For me its just getting out of my comfort zone and doing the little things which often is neglected due to our busy routine life. So whether you are staying in for a cozy, romantic dinner night with your loved ones OR having a girl’s night out with your squad, you do not want to be under-dressed. So I have this cute outfit idea for you and will have more coming up on the blog tomorrow… So stay tuned 🙂







I really love casual looks and what better than denims for the most comfy casual yet stylish look. Just to stick to the Valentine’s day theme, I chose this cute lips shirt but you could always choose other patterns (Hmmmm maybe Heart, as if Valentine’s day leaves us with other choices as well). Also if you don’t want to go overboard you could always stick to just plain shirts with pink or red pastel hues. The choices are endless.
Shirt – Macy’s
Shoes – Shi by Journeys
Bag – Got from a local boutique in new York
Belt – Michael Kors
Whats your plan for this Valentine’s day and do you have any specific outfit in mind. Do share your thoughts. Would love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day : Look-book 1

  1. Perfect dress.
    Some snaps of urs, I have forwarded to my Sister.
    She is very much amazed & keen to meet u someday to know about how u looks so beautiful Alys in any outfit.

    Hatts of to u dear. Keep it up & keep updating.
    I think u r the inspiration of many of us.
    I think I need to take some tips from u for my office dress. ..Hahahaha

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