January 27, 2017 Vyom Kapoor 0Comment

Before I even begin, my sincere apologies for not writing any post for such a long time. Today I wanted to share with you my amazing experience to Bangkok last year. So you might ask, why Bangkok? If I gave you any other reason except shopping, I would be lying. Ok, But i did discover Bangkok, the capital of Thailand was much more than just a shopping destination. Its religiously rich culture and its scrumptious mouth watering street food are a few to begin with. 

Cabs and tuk-tuks are the major modes of commutation there. Tuk-tuks can be classified as a more funky and faster version of the classic auto-rickshaws that we have in India. I am sharing a compilation of all the places that we visited on our trip. 
Bangkok is a shoppers heaven. Ranging from the street shopping to the high end designer stuffs – it has everything.