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Hello my gorgeous friends,

We recently moved to a new apartment and I was redoing my living room. The first thing that came to my mind was a DIY. I mean literally my soul craves and my heart cries if I don’t use my artistic skills pretty soon (Not an exaggeration. I promise) So I created this fun DIY seashell accented candle holder and thought to share it with you guys!!! This can totally add glam to any boring, monotonous corner of your room with a special touch of the beach vibes and leave your heart satisfied and contented. So lets get started…

All you gonna need is:

1. Clear sand (I got a boxful from the “Clearwater Beach” travel last month 🙂 ) I used a normal tea strainer to strain the same as it had a lot of broken shells and impurities.
2. Some beautiful looking shells (Again hand picked those from the beach itself). I only bought the starfish from my local craft store.
3. Some tealight candles and tealight candle holder From Ikea but you can find in dollar store as well.
4. Glass jar of any shape or size of your choice to ensemble everything. I used a spherical glass jar that I had from a previous party and was not in use any more 🙂

How gorgeous are they!!!

Love this beautiful creation called Starfish!!!

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Now all you need to do is ensemble everything.
1.Take the glass jar and fill the sand into it (A lil less than half)
2. Place your tealight candle in the center.
3. Carefully start placing all the shells around it. Place the starfish at the end.

Voila you have the most easy and elegant looking tealight candle holder. You can use them for your romantic dinner date at home or welcome your guests with it. 🙂

This is how the finished decor looks like:

I mounted the candles on top of  these gorgeous candle stands, I got from Ikea and decorated in this lil corner of my living room.

A closer look!!!

That’s how they look after I light the candles!!! Looks even better at night 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this and will be back soon with some more interesting and easy ideas. Until then, take care!!!

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  1. This is so beautiful Vyom. A friend of mine owns a beach house and I've been struggling to think of Christmas gifts for her. This is perfect!!! Thank you.

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