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Hello my awesome friends,
Winters are almost over and it gave me ample time to snuggle in my cosy bed while enjoying my hot cocoa/tea/coffee and of course my favorite movie/series/books. The choices were simply endless J  Sadly it has its aftermath: Gaining oodles of weight L
As I already said in my previous blog, this was my first experience with snow ever and I always admired the way how dreamy and beautiful the pictures in snow turned out to be. The snow provides an amazing canvas for a beautiful bright picture where the color pops out so dramatically. See it for yourself.

Into the woods…

Never knew my hair looks so vibrant 😉

Its getting cold now!!Where’s my coat??

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did. I still have a winter lookbook waiting for you guys.  OK I promise that will be the last one. J

Tassel Cardigan: Charming Charlie
Crop top: Got it from Disney
Earrings and ring: Charming Charlie
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Trench Coat: Calvin Klein

Share with me your winter routine/what you love doing during the winters…

With love until next time,


4 thoughts on “Winter “lookbook” 3

  1. Thanks a ton 🙂 these pictures are not taken by any professional. One of my friends has a lot of inclination towards photography and its her art
    …I am glad that you liked it. 😊😊

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