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Hello my wonderful friends. So this is gonna be my first post ever :p and I am so excited (A tad bit nervous too…..) . After pondering a lot about the content of my first post I settled on winter lookbook. Now why just winter??? Ok so here’s the thing…. This was my very first encounter with snow like ever ever…. And I was super duper excited like a kid waiting for a new toy to play with (the pictures say it all :p )  So nothing better to begin my first blog with my first snow experience and it was awesomeeeeeeee  . So here we go…….

I am loving it… <3

And dats my car (hopefully) covered in 8 inches of snow.

Oh Yeahhhhh!!!! Dats me….

Can’t get enough of it…..

Charismatic Beauty

Enchanted by the beautiful tree…..

Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory

Jeans: Kancan

Cap and scarf: Bongo by KMART(Unbelievably got for 1 $ 

during the off season sale :p )

Shoes: Payless 

Hope you liked the pics. See you until next time. 


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